Bruno R. Zazo

philosopher, corporate finance advisor, trouble-shooter, business promoter


I'm a philosopher (i.e. I recognize that I am an ignorant, but I also know that truth and reality are reachable to humans) interested in the economy, the economic science and political economy. Some of my papers are in Academia. While I work as an M&A advisor of corporates and entrepreneurs (running my own firm, Maguen Capital, in business since 2004), I work on my PhD thesis at Durham University, working with Simon Oliver and Robert Song. I recently received an MA in Christian Theology, where I wrote an MA dissertation on “Social Justice: not a question of distribution but a question of creation”, awaiting to be published. I have also studied Philosophy with Miguel García Baró at Universidad Comillas and Evaristo Palomar. I received a BA in Law and a BA in Business Administration at ICADE.

Some important facts about me: I am truly Catholic and Spanish, meaning I am essentially eschatological: life and the whole universe are, to me, a tremendous endeavour for meaning and purpose, and that means the triumph of the Good, the Truth, the Beauty and the Unity. I do business based on the assumption that money is for the sake of the creation of wealth, and wealth is created to improve Life. Politically I would position myself as pro-human, i.e. in favour of human nature and its needs (shelter, friendship, concord and purpose). I am full of passion and always willing to help out.

I don't always blog, but when I do, you can find my ramblings linked from the publications page. You might also find me making birdcalls online from time to time. You can also find a more formal bio and headshot here.


I'm interested in philosophy (especially sapiential philosophy, Aristotle, Plato, Aquinas, Jewish philosophers and Spanish philosophy, political theory), theology (especially philosophical theology, John Milbank, Radical Orthodoxy, Simon Oliver, virtue ethics, William Cavanaugh, Catholic Social Teaching, Natural Law) and Philosophy and Theology of Economics. My PhD is on the “Notion of ‘nature’ embedded in our economy”, and tries to clarify the anthropological assumptions of our economic system.

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